Luxury Gift Hamper


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  • Image of Luxury Gift Hamper
  • Image of Luxury Gift Hamper
  • Image of Luxury Gift Hamper

These luxury hampers are for perfect for that extra special gift. Each one contains four of our vegan, eco soy wax candles (GMO free) that have been beautifully presented in a high quality wicker hamper. You are welcomed to choose any 4 candles from the list below, simply message us with your choices when you order.
Candle size: Diameter 7.8cm Height 7cm (approx. 225ml). Hamper size: length 25cm, width: 19cm, height 10cm.

The fragrance choices:

Apple Pie: Smells just like an apple crumble! Green marbled colour in wax.

Black Coconut: A great blend of Coconut and Vanilla.

Bluebell: A heady floral, true to the flower. Violet marbled colour in wax.

Book Shop: Fresh and sophisticated. White wax.

Calm Seas: Totally relaxing oceanic scent. Blue marbled colour in wax.

Coconut Island: Think Pina Colada and tropical holidays, coconut with a hint of pineapple. White wax.

Coconut and Lime: these two scents compliment each other perfectly.

Coffee Caramel: Just like a caramel latte! White wax.

The Cherry Orchard: Great Cherry/Bakewell Tart scent, one of our new favourites!

Darcy's Drawing Room: Think of a room filled with antique wooden furniture and vases of freshly cut flowers.

Egyptian Cotton: Imagine freshly washed laundry swaying in the summer breeze. White wax.

English Rose: A beautiful floral, true to the flower. Rose pink marbled colour in wax.

Frankincense and Myrrh: A dark and mystical fragrance. White wax.

Gingerbread: Just like freshly baked gingerbread! White wax.

Jasmine and Patchouli: A strong incense and floral mix. White wax.

Lavender: A relaxing floral, true to the flower. Lavender marbled colour in wax.

Lemongrass and Ginger: One of our best sellers. Smells like a luxury spa! White wax.

Lime, Basil and Mandarin: Sophisticated blend of fruity and green notes. White wax.

Nelson's Cabin: A masculine scent, complex, with notes of bergamot, black pepper and musk. Blue marbled colours in wax.

Pomegranate Noir: A refined, perfumed scent. White wax.

Retro Lime: Juicy, a super Lime scent.

Rhubarb and Strawberry: A perfect fruity blend. Red and green marbled colours in wax.

Rhubarb and Mint: a great combination; both fruity and sophisticated at the same time.

Sherlock's Study: A rich and warming a mix of nectar and Cuban tobacco. White wax.

Spiced Orange: Christmas in a tin! The perfect blend of orange and spice. Orange marbled colour in wax.

Stately Home: Scents of Cuban tobacco leaves and precious woods. White wax.

Summer Solstice: Dreamy white florals with a smooth woody base. White wax

Sweetpea: A pretty floral, true to the flowers. Violet and pink marbled colours in wax.

The Orangery: A zesty orange fragrance. Orange marbled colour in wax.

Tropical: Passion fruit and peach scents. Yellow and orange marbled colours in wax.

Wild Mint: A fresh, botanical mint. Green marbled colour in wax.

Winter Solstice: A warming, heavy mix of wood, spice and fruit. White wax.

White Christmas: Spruce and cloves, an amazing winter scent.

Image of Cranberry and Orange
Cranberry and Orange
Image of White Christmas
White Christmas
Image of Book Shop (Vegan/GM Free)
Book Shop (Vegan/GM Free)
Image of Frankincense and Myrrh (Vegan/GM Free)
Frankincense and Myrrh (Vegan/GM Free)
Image of Gingerbread (Vegan/GM Free)
Gingerbread (Vegan/GM Free)
Image of Spiced Orange (Vegan/GM Free)
Spiced Orange (Vegan/GM Free)
Image of Winter Solstice (Vegan/GM Free)
Winter Solstice (Vegan/GM Free)
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